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One More Reason Why

Admit it: you totally watch 13 Reasons Why. Don’t be ashamed; the show is excellent. And guess what? Now you’ve got one more reason to keep watching - or start if for some crazy reason you haven’t yet. I’ll be appearing in season 3 of the controversial Netflix original series. I can’t tell you too much – I signed A LOT of paperwork – BUT I can tell you that I’ve had a fantastic time shooting. The set is warm and welcoming, and best of all, I got to shoot right here in sunny Vallejo on the secret location of Mare Island. 

OK! I’ve already said too much. Just mark your calendars and get ready for season three in 2019!

(Me sneaking a photo from set)


  • Sarah Nina Hayon
  • Sarah Nina Hayon
  • Sarah Nina Hayon
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