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Workshop In Paradise

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I spent my summer traveling to some beautiful, idyllic towns, including Dorset, Vermont, where I took part in a workshop of the brilliant Melissa Ross’ new play, [TITLE]. I played Diana, the new president of a prestigious liberal arts college. Diana hasn’t even gotten her pictures hung on the walls of her office before she’s confronted by the school’s complicated history. This beautiful play shines a hard, fluorescent light on politics and feminism in academia today. The brilliant Giovanna Sardelli led a phenomenal cast that included the legendary Estelle Parsons.

When we weren’t diving into the play, we were jumping into lakes, running trails, and soaking in the beauty of summer in Vermont. It was basically paradise. If you’ve never had a chance to visit Dorset, you have to go. Dina Janis is programming some incredible plays and filling them with ridiculous talent.


  • Sarah Nina Hayon
  • Sarah Nina Hayon
  • Sarah Nina Hayon
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